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Teaching GEES with SimCityEDU

SimCity is a game many people will be familiar with – I’ve been playing different versions of it since a school friend of mine got it for his Amiga. Acting as Mayor you get to build a city from the ground up, and usually end up smashing it to bits and burning it down too. During it you face a plethora of challenges, such as managing the budget, keeping crime and pollution under control, as well as dealing with various natural disasters. It was essentially a serious game without ever intending to be.

But a company called GlassLab developed SimCityEDU, taking aspects of the game and making it into lesson sized exercises for school pupils Рthe video below explains the impact of the classes.

SimCityEDU Overview from GlassLab on Vimeo.

There is so much potential in this – I’d love to explore the use of it in Higher Education and science communication.