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The @GEESatHull Staff vs Student Football Game – Report by @Tom_Coulthard

News just in from our Sports Correspondent, Tom Coulthard, of the much anticipated Staff vs Student Football Game –

Old Football

The Staff Team before Kick-Off

“Match Report: GEES staff vs students football. 11th May 2016.

A bright Wednesday afternoon saw the inaugural GEES Staff vs Students football match. Played with 8 a side and rolling substitutes, the Students were all in a blue strip and the Staff, playing a 4, 3, 1 (Christmas tree) formation, in largely not blue. The first five minutes saw a flurry of chances from Staff, with shots on target from Bettley and Bond drawing a string of sharp saves from the students agile keeper. However, the students weathered the early storm and neat interplay saw them quickly score twice. As the game settled the Staff keeper (Hu) made two brave saves, but continued pressure from the students saw another goal deflected in. In the midfield, Baines, Jennings and XuXu were industrious and a period of Staff possession saw a deep cross to the back post nodded against the woodwork from a – rising like a salmon Skinner header. Hu then took an unfortunate blow with a foot to the spectacles (literally, not metaphorically) forcing a late keeper substitution.

A half time saw a tactical change from the Staff, with Bond drawn back to sit in front of the defensive 4 and Parsons moved up to play a lone striker role. This cunning change reaped immediate benefits, with Parsons scoring a well taken low shot greeted by cheers from the Staff supporters. The Students then scored another well worked goal, before Parsons scored again taking the score to 2:4. Staff continued to press, with a powerful drive from Jonas, but as the game wore on, Staff legs suffered (positionally sagging to no real formation) allowing the Students to work in a couple of well crafted one touch goals. Two more were fired in by the students in the closing minutes to leave the final score 2:8. Handshakes and congratulations followed – with the game being played in an excellent spirit, cheered on by some 30 students and staff.

Tom Coulthard.”


The Student Team before Kick-Off

This match was played for charity, with all Staff players contributing a Club fee and the Students collecting with buckets. The funds will go towards care for the two broods of ducklings that inhabit the Cohen Building each spring, and also towards conservation at Spurn Point. All in all, it was a great success.

Busy last few weeks! @FCERMnet, Cheltenham Science Festival (with @Geophemera) and CiG Workshop

Phew, the last few weeks have been very busy and I’m looking forward to a week’s holiday in Prague next week.

At the end of May I headed up to Edinburgh for the Flood and Coastal Erosion Management Network (FCERM.net) Annual Assembly. I took a poster detailing the work on Dynamic Humber and a demo for Humber in a Box using Google Cardboard. I even won one of the three poster prizes on offer which was very nice. You can read more about here on the NERC-FFIR blog.

The beast in the middle of this busy period was Cheltenham Science Festival. This was an amazing experience and lots and lots of fun. I took the full version of Humber in a Box down with me, and along with River in a Box, it made up the stand for the British Society for Geomorphology. From Wednesday to Sunday the team made up of colleagues from Hull, Gloucester, Manchester, Exeter, Loughborough and Cardiff were there, and we must have had several hundred members of the public try the Oculus and flood the Humber. I think it was great success.

Cardboard_head1 11255325_10154466340851959_6362719615053286374_n

I spent much of my time walking around the site wearing a Google Cardboard (you can see via your phone camera, but you lose all depth perception!), handing out fliers and directing people to our stall.

11391495_10154466343016959_4728969460018087825_n 1470096_10154466340051959_700456409307758744_n

Our stall was small and most the space was taken up by River in a Box – I occasionally had queues of people waiting for a go on Humber in a Box. We spent the week next door to a DeLorean, which played the music from Back to the Future. On loop. Ten hours a day. For six days. Above is picture of Gia Milinovich and Brian Cox sat in it. Don’t think Steve charged them a fiver for this pic.

11389996_10154466341096959_776247968209097410_n 10615413_10154466342321959_8463153748193859267_n

There were plenty of sights to see. At the weekend, opposite us was this killer whale, with the option to take a #whalefie – I’m pretty sure it isn’t actually a whale? Did they do this on porpoise? There was also this dino skeleton – it had had a hard life with a bony tumor in its brain which may be why it had so many injuries on it. Still, it looked happier now.

This baby T-Rex was in better shape, even attacking the DeLorean. Maybe it appreciated the music as much as we did.

After Cheltenham I headed to Switzerland and ETH Zurich. I had been invited, as a guest of Tom Coulthard, to a workshop on Complexity in Geomorphology. Organised by Peter Molnar, this was an excellent workshop, I learned an awful lot and made some very useful connections. I also got to present alongside outstanding experts in the field such as Chris Paola and Doug Jerolmack.


Zurich is beautiful city, above is the view from the roof terrace of the building the workshop was in, and I hope I get the chance to visit again and for a bit longer.

I’ve been back a week and cramming lots of modelling in before my holiday – but I did get chance to say hello to #ducksatGees, who have grown loads whilst I have been away!