Environmental Modelling

I have a PhD in hydrometeorological modelling, completed in 2013, and have since worked on research projects using hydrological, hydraulic, and geomorphic models. I use these computer models to help us understand how climate change and human actions might change flood risk in the future.

In this video I explain how we can use a computer model to understand the possible impacts of sea level rise on future flooding in cities like Hull, UK.

Hull is a very special city to me. Sadly, it has been badly flooded on numerous occasions, particularly in 2007 and 2013. It has been one of proudest achievements to be able to use my modelling experience to help the local risk management authorities plan for future flooding. To find out more about these plans, check out the Humber 2100+ storymap from the Environment Agency.

My research has seen me create model for rivers in the UK and Australia, glaciers in the Peruvian Andes, and even for the surface of Mars. They have helped us understand how effective natural flood management methods, such as leaky dams, are and shown us how climate change might alter the way rivers erode and evolve. See my research publications for more.

My attempts at modelling ancient water flows and geomorphic change on Mars. Sadly, this was an area of research I haven’t had the chance to revisit.