I have been fortunate to have a varied career that has let me make creative works for over a decade. These pages show some of my highlights in different areas, some active, some no longer. My current work draws on all these areas.

Storytelling – I have explored using virtual reality and 360 videos to creative immersive storytelling experiences, mostly with a flood theme.

Environmental Modelling – As a researcher I focussed on modelling environmental change, in various forms.

Media – I have provided expert commentary to several media projects, including news, radio, and theatre.

Research Publications – I have published numerous research articles covering modelling, geomorphology, hydrology, and science communication. I still try to get new work published.

Articles and Blog Posts – I really enjoy writing so have published several articles and blog posts outside of my own site.

Games – Obviously, I get involved in developing games of all kinds!

3D Printing – I have a 3D printer and I like to use it to print toy soldiers, landscapes, and interesting trinkets.