About me

Hello, my name is Chris Skinner. I’m a professional environmental modeller and immersive storyteller, specialising in flood risk and climate change.

My passion is to help people imagine a better and more hopeful future, one where people and the environment can co-exist, and then to help us build that future together. I do not believe that the solutions to environmental issues, such as climate change, flooding, and plastic pollution, are to be found in science alone and artists and storytellers have an important role to play.

My career has seen me work in town planning, sustainable transport, and as a researcher of computer models of environmental change. My main experience has been using computer models to simulate how rivers and estuaries are likely to change in the future and how this might alter flood risk.

Throughout my career I have been heavily involved with public engagement and this has evolved into my passion for storytelling, particularly using immersive technologies, including virtual reality and 360 videos. My work in this area draws heavily on games-based methods and playful approaches to engaging people with environmental issues.

Thank you for visiting my site, feel free to explore and learn more about my work in environmental modelling and immersive storytelling.

Chris (@FloodSkinner)

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