The Great Blade Conspiracy #Hull2017 #CityofCulture

For the last couple of weeks photographs have been emerging from Hull’s Queen Victoria Square of a 250ft (75m in pre-Brexit measurements) wind turbine blade. There was even minute by minute coverage of its movements from the Siemens factory, across town, before settling in its final position straddling the toilets on top of which Victoria surveys her former Empire.

However, I am yet to visit this so-called blade, one of a triumvirate that characterise the ‘devil’s helicopters’, and I can’t help but feel that all the photographs I have seen have actually been photoshopped. Consider this photo below taken by Sam Spain


It is obvious to my eye that the blade is not actually there. It has very clearly been added in after the photo was taken and not very well too. Just look at all the people going about their business and not fleeing in terror which would be the natural reaction to such an awe inspiring object.

Further evidence was provided to this conspiracy when it emerged that planning permission had not be sought for the blade. Why would anyone, willingly or otherwise, flout the edicts of our brave Development Control teams and risk the wrath of Planning Enforcement?

Ok. Enough of that. The blade is obviously there and even though I have yet to see it in person it looks incredible. However, every picture I see of it does look like its been photoshopped. My guess was that the blade will be incredibly smooth for aerodynamics reasons, allowing the wind to flow past it with little resistance – the way this lack of texture reflects the light into the lens look unnatural to us.

I asked the University of Hull’s Science guru, Prof Mark Lorch, for his thoughts on Twitter. Here is what he said –

“I’m thinking it’s because, if the lack of feature, high contrast with surrounding buildings, & sharp lines plus whiteness makes it difficult to expose both the blade and surrounding area… …but really plus it is in fact a giant conspiracy perpetrated by the goof folks of Hull.”

I knew it! It was a conspiracy all along!

If you can help us shed further light (and reflect it oddly) on the photoshopped blade mystery, please let us know.




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