New SeriousGeoGames Site

I’m pleased to tell you that SeriousGeoGames now has its own site. I had originally been hosting information on this site, but with the number of applications set to expand it wasn’t possible to host all of the information, for all of the different audiences, here.

You can find the new site here.


With the new site I can have separate sections for each application and provide general information, more technical information about the development, some background information about the science, useful links and highlight some of the key research which inspired them.

Importantly, it means I can disseminate more information to people – this is, after all, the main purpose of SGG. For example, I can plug the Environment Agency’s #FloodAware campaign as part of the Humber in a Box section.


In the future I will host educational resources, which will be free to download, and will be useful for teachers of any Geo based subject.

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