“Flash Floods: Advances in Monitoring, Modelling and Integrated Management” – Invitation for abstracts @ AGU 2015

I’m very pleased to say that we are inviting abstracts for the session – “Flash Floods : Advances in Monitoring, Modelling and Integrated Management” – at this year’s AGU Fall Meeting in San Fransisco. The session description is below, and to submit an abstract, please use this link.

“H046. Flash Floods: Advances in Monitoring, Modeling and Integrated Management

The occurrence of high intensity rainfall events and flash floods are predicted to increase under our changing climate, resulting in tremendous losses and damage globally. Yet our understanding of the hydrodynamic and geomorphological processes occurring during these extreme floods have been limited by difficulties in making direct observations and elaborate simulation. Recent advances in monitoring techniques are now enabling these highly transient processes to be successfully quantified, allowing their incorporation into hydrodynamic models. These advancements, in conjunction with integrated flood management strategies are required to ensure the harmonious coexistence between water and society, and to support sustainable socio-economic development. In this session, we welcome presentations that provide: i) methodological advancements in flash flood monitoring; ii) new insights into the hydro-geomorphological processes occurring during flash floods; iii) the incorporation of this new process knowledge to inform and validate modeling applications and; iv) advanced management of flash flood hazards.

Confirmed Invited Speakers:

Professor Paul Bates (University of Bristol)

Dr Joel P Johnson (University of Texas at Austin)


Dr Matt Perks (Newcastle University)

Dr Chris Skinner (Hull University)

Professor Qihua Ran (Zhejiang University)

Professor Xudong Fu (Tsinghua University)”

If you have any question, please contact myself or one of my co-conveners. I look forward to reading your abstracts!


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