Storm Surge 2013 (@GEEsology mini-series) : Part 3 – Community Resilience by @scarlett_jazmin

As I said in a previous post, this work saw the release of Part 3 of the GEESology mini-series looking back over a year since the 5 December 2013 storm surge.

This week you get a break from my waffle, and instead Jazmin Scarlett explains about how events like the flooding can cause often unreported problems for individuals and communities, but also how they can act to galvanise people around a common experience. Jazmin is passionate about engaging with communities to help them build resilience to the natural hazards facing them, currently researching communities facing volcanic risks, and shares some of her expertise and experience in the context of those flooded on 5 December 2013. You should read it, it is good.

“Storm Surge 2013 : One Year On – Part Three : Community Resilience

In Part 2 last week, the blog looked at some of the lessons learnt a year on after the 5 December 2013 storm surge in the Humber. This week the post come from guest blogger Jazmin Scarlett. Jazmin is a PhD student with a specialism in natural hazard response and mitigation, and offers her insights from her experience in how communities respond after natural disasters. In this post we expand our look, out of the Humber Estaury and southwards along the east coast of the UK, to Boston.

By Jazmin Scarlett

On the night of 5 December 2013 the Humber Estuary experienced its worst floods ‘since 1953.’ The main natural hazard that the country must co-exist with is flooding…”

Read more here.

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