Storm Surge 2013 Mini-series on @GEESology

The GEESology Blog is currently halfway through a mini-series looking back at the Humber storm surge of 5 December 2013.

Parts One and Two have been written by myself, and Part Three, due to be published on Wednesday morning, has been written by Jazmin Scarlett, one of our excellent recent PhD intake. More on her post on Wednesday, but in the meantime, if you’d like to catch up on the mini-series the links are below –

Part One – Modelling the Surge looks at research conducted at the University of Hull to model the storm surge using the CAESAR-Lisflood model. The model was able to reproduce tidal flows in the Humber estuary, but was also able to reproduce the extents of the flooding observed that night.

Part Two – What we Learnt reviews the presentations at the 2014 Humber Conference and evaluates what lessons we can take from them.

After Jazmin’s post on Wednesday, I will round off the series by taking a look at the future, with a focus on Spurn Point. I hope you’re enjoying the series so far, don’t forget to check the blog around Wednesday lunch time for Jazmin’s blog.

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