Save Dead Bod

There’s a campaign that started a while ago in Hull to save ‘Dead Bod’. For those of you who are not lercel, ‘Bod’ is a way of saying ‘bird’ that is colloquial to Humberside. I say Humberside, rather than Hull, as it’s also how yellow-bellies like myself would say it, even though we don’t often share an accent or slang with our North Bank neighbours.

Dead Bod

The ‘Dead Bod’ graffiti in Hull by “robert mason”

‘Dead Bod’ is a piece of graffiti on an old shed along the docks in Hull. It is visible from the Humber and has passed into folklore and is used as a navigational call sign for that part of the estuary. For those who have worked on the boats in and out of Hull it is iconic, but it is also sited where the new Siemens development is being built – the campaign wants the graffiti to be moved and preserved to recognise its significance to Hull’s shipping legacy.

I think it’s a wonderful symbol of Hull and the local area and hope they do find a place for it elsewhere in the city.

Here is the Hull Daily Mail article on the campaign.

Someone has even made a t-shirt! I want one.

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