New GEES-ology Blog – 2013 Storm Surge – What we Learnt

The Gees-ology blog is currently in the midst of a four-part mini-series about the 2013 storm surge, with a focus on the Humber. Part One, last week, I looked at the progress of our research on the storm surge, and this week in Part Two I investigate what are the lessons learnt from the surge.

“Storm Surge 2013 : One Year On – Part Two : What we Learnt

by @cloudskinner

This is the second post of our mini-series about the 5 December 2013 storm surge, and its legacy for the Humber region in particular. Last week’s post highlighted some of the research that had been undertaken after the surge, and why this is important for understanding the future flood risk in the Humber, especially in the context of climate change which is predicted to bring bigger and more frequent storms, as well as a steadily rising sea level. This post looks at what we have learnt about the storm surge a year after the event…”

Read the full post here.

There’s also still time to get free access to our article about modelling the tides and the storm surge in the Humber. You can do so here.

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