The Humber Flooded – Maps by Jeffrey Linn

I like interesting ways of communicating science and the Doctoral Training Centre in Low Carbon Technologies, University of Leeds, are doing some interesting stuff to communicate climate change science. For instance, they produced a graphic novel about what a low carbon future might look like, and currently they are producing a sequel, of sorts, imagining life in the UK 200 years into the future if we make no changes.

As part of this, artist Jeffrey Linn has produced some beautiful maps of the Humber region, depicting the expansion of the sea as the level rises due to climate change. In this post he shows the maps that will be used in the graphic novel, and some others that depict a nightmare future if half the ice on the planet melted, and another if all of the ice melted. These make great maps but it is unlikely to be something we will witness, for several centuries at least – in the next 100 years the best estimates are likely to be 0.4 to 1 m sea level rise.

They are based on USGS data and are pretty close to what the model behind Humber in a Box produces when you ramp up the sea level. There are some small difference, such as the flood alleviation site at Alkborough, but that would be nitpicking really! Why not take a look at Jeffrey’s maps, and hopefully if you see us with Humber in a Box you’ll be able to, as Neil Buchanan would say, “Try it yourself”.

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