There are a lot of Chris Skinners around so I use the name FloodSkinner for my creative work. I describe my work as ‘creative flood education’ because I want to use my skills and enthusiasm to help make people more aware of flood risks.

In my professional life (the day job) I work with hydrology and computer models of rivers. Models are great for helping us understand the world around us but they are not perfect. I believe that by understanding how models work and how we use them people can better understand flood risks and warnings. Some call this ‘model literacy’ but I appreciate that the term is problematic.

Games use many of the same methods and frameworks as models. Both can and are described as ‘simulations’. I like to use games to help engage people with flooding and the models we use to predict it.

My main focus at the moment is on creating content on these themes for the FloodSkinner YouTube channel:

Model Life: A series on my main channel looking at the world of numerical modelling with a big focus on flooding. Expect light-hearted videos, 7-8 minutes long, looking at how we use models, some tedious links to games, career tips, and some dodgy powerpoint graphics. Videos released first Wednesday of each month.

Distracted Geography: Also on my main channel, this series feature short introductory level videos (<3 mins) on different aspects of geography, mostly with a watery theme. These are aimed at those easily distracted, like myself. Videos released sporadically, often as specials.

Extra Life: A second channel to support the main one where I post anything that doesn’t fit the main channel, for example, Grow me a river.

Disclaimer: Nothing on this website or relating to FloodSkinner is intended to represent the views of my past, current, or future employers.